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Contact Kitchen Table Consulting and let us know that you’re interested in one of our services. A KTC partner will respond ASAP and we will begin the process of working together to produce a memorable piece of media for your campaign, your business, or your product.

KTC can:

  • Work with you to creatively conceive of an idea for your media- from a single meme to a video you hope goes viral to an entire campaign.

  • Shoot the video or photography needed to make your media shine.

  • Produce the final result you desire:

    • Video ads for use on social media or television

    • Images for social media use (such as memes, announcements, etc)

    • Images for branding purposes (logo design, banner and header design, etc)

    • Website design (utilizing Squarespace, we will work to design a site that fits your needs)

    • Creative Copy and Prose (for social media posts, website pages, scripts, etc.)

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