Branding is our business

Your brand needs to do one thing: earn a second glance. That second glance buys you several things: it buys attention to your name and whatever else you might have included on the branded item; it buys ten seconds worth of actual interest driven by curiosity (marketing gold); and, finally, it buys attention that didn’t go to one of your opponents, rivals, or competitors. Here at KTC, we pride ourselves in designing brands that stand out, that earn a second glance.

Below are some examples of brands produced for KTC clients

A brand is just the beginning. Once you have your brand, that brand needs to go on everything: road signs, flyers, business cards, push-cards, door hangers, social media memes, and your website. Here at KTC, we can take care of all of a client’s media needs, from production of social media memes to the construction and design of your website.

Examples of Print & social media produced for KTC Clients