KTC’s Latest Video

Texas Democratic Party

The challenge was simple: spend a day with the Texas Democratic Party’s candidates for statewide office and produce a video that introduced each, and communicated a little of their platform, in less than 45 seconds. KTC was up to the challenge, and “Texas Roads” was the result. If you have an event that you want captured on video, KTC can show up, film, and then use that footage to produce a video that draws attention to your candidacy, your business, or your brand.

During the final weeks of the 2018 midterm elections, the Texas Democratic Party approached KTC about producing a video to stir up interest in a statewide bus tour. The timeline was quick: KTC had an afternoon to gather footage of the candidates as they mingled with constituents at local events, then about three days to take that footage and incorporate it into the kind of digital ad the Texas Democratic Party wanted to publicize the bus tour. “Because We Are Texas Democrats” is the result. If you have a concept for a video, KTC can work quickly to script it out and shoot footage to fit that concept, delivering a final product to you quickly.

Sometimes you don’t need to go out and shoot original footage or record audio. Sometimes you just have an idea and a message and you want it to get out to the masses as quickly as possible. At the request of the Texas Democratic Party, KTC produced “Go Vote Blue” as a Get-Out-The-Vote ad, designed especially to be spread on social media. KTC knows the strengths and weaknesses of the various media platforms, and brings that expertise to your project.

Statewide Races

Political candidates are busy people; KTC understands that, and we pride ourselves in producing video content that communicates the candidate’s message in a powerful way without demanding a lot of the candidate’s time. “I Remember the Alamo” was a concept KTC built utilizing one of Texas Land Commissioner candidate Miguel Suazo’s core campaign issues. A 24 hour scripting and revision timeline, ten minutes of the candidate’s time to record audio, and a KTC field trip to an historic landmark, and a powerful visual ad that was viewed over 100,000 times was the result.

The Lupe Valdez for Governor campaign had a concept and they had some footage, and KTC stepped in to take what they had and weave it together into a powerful visual statement. If you have a concept and some footage, KTC can work to build that vision into a reality, scripting additional audio and supplementing your footage with quality stock footage that reinforces your message. It worked in “Protection From the Storm”, and it can work for you too!

If you know exactly what you want to say, and just need help producing a visual that can match the power of your words, then KTC can help! Texas Comptroller candidate Joi Chevalier had a message she wanted to send out to voters, and she turned to KTC for help. The Chevalier Campaign provided the script, the audio recording, and the shots of the candidate; KTC stepped in to take those pieces and produce a video that matched the candidate’s vision. If your campaign has all the pieces but needs someone to put them all together, KTC should be your first call!

US Congressional

Candidate Tanner Do was eager to highlight two aspects of his personal story: his service to our country as an Army veteran, and the fact that he was an immigrant from Vietnam. KTC decided to use Tanner’s uniform as a symbol for his story, and produce a video to highlight that story.

Most political ads are similar: they sell the candidate or they sell a policy or both. Sometimes, though, KTC gets a chance to create something a little higher concept. Carol Iannuzzi wanted to showcase how bad things have really gotten under the direction of Donald Trump and her opponent, the incumbent Congressional Representative for the district. This “Blade Runner” style ad was the result!

“Numbers” was the answer to a question Congressional candidate Jan McDowell faced: how to sell her candidacy to her district? After two prior runs had taken a safe Republican +17 seat to a razor-thin margin, Jan McDowell was poised to close the deal in the 2020 elections. “Numbers” was meant to convince primary voters that it wasn’t a time to switch horses mid-stream.

Democratic Congressional candidate Jan McDowell ran an amazing campaign in 2018, narrowing the gap in a traditionally Republican district from a 17-point deficit to a 3-point nail-biter. She came to KTC to kick start her campaign for 2020 with a message: the people of her district are behind her, the momentum is with her, and the next election is going to end in a victory! If you’ve got a message, KTC can help you imagine it in a video…and bring it to life.

Politics is personal. Some of the most effective ads we’ve run have been about the personal lives of candidates and their inspirations, families, and friends. In this case, our client was inspired to run by the example of her father, and wanted a video to reflect that inspiration. KTC was happy to help!

Sometimes simplicity is best. When you just want to reach out and talk to potential voters, KTC can film your content in a clean, tasteful, and organic fashion. Consider these kind of videos the “fireside” chats of modern media, and a tight, well-produced alternative to messy Facebook Live.

We call them “SmartAds”: utilizing the data we have from multiple campaigns and videos, we craft ads designed specifically for the Facebook audience. Most Facebook video viewers never get past the first ten seconds of a video; over 90% never watch videos with the audio on. Our SmartAds are designed to hit the message hard within ten seconds, to be seen without audio, and to be incredibly shareable.

If you have a bunch of campaign footage, and a message you want to get out, KTC can help take that footage and meld it together into a coherent issue ad. KTC co-founder Todd Allen wanted to talk about civility, but as the election came down to the final weeks, the time to film new material was lacking. KTC took the existing campaign footage and produced “Bind Up the Wounds.”

State Legislature

“Driven” is the kind of concept that KTC loves to produce: taking a candidate’s platform and encapsulating it in 30 seconds that grabs attention with cinematic-style production and editing. “Driven” was a concept that KTC pitched to an interested candidate; we worked to tweak the script over the period of a few days, met with the candidate to shoot the audio and visuals in an hour-long session, then had a finished product ready for them to release two days later. “Driven” is an example of what KTC can do for you: bring you a cinematic concept, work with you to script it, shoot it quickly and efficiently, and deliver it almost immediately.

You can’t turn around in HD92 without bumping into Steve Riddell. He’s seemingly at every event, every engagement, and every activity. KTC’s task was to somehow encapsulate how the folks in HD92 felt about Steve into one 30 second ad. Turns out, all we had to do was look to the 1950’s and Eisenhower’s presidential campaign for inspiration!

Politics can move pretty fast. Texas House candidate Ramona Thompson wanted to quickly capitalize on the Dallas Morning New’s comments on her opponent, Jared Patterson. There wasn’t time to script a cinematic ad, record audio, or shoot footage: KTC stepped in to produce a video within 24 hours of the candidate’s request, delivering “The Right Choice for Texas”, a powerful statement on Ms. Thompson’s opponent. Need a video quickly, but don’t have the time for audio or video production? KTC can build the ad you need!

county and municipal

“This is About People” was a slogan that Keri Anne Caruthers used in her campaign for Justice of the Peace after the success of her video. KTC worked with Ms. Caruthers to write a script, film it on location, and deliver the final result within the week. Branding is our business, and that was at work in this video as KTC scripted the words that the campaign utilized moving forward as their brand. KTC can work to produce your brand, too!

One thing most candidates for County Judge lack is powerful media marketing; candidate Diana Leggett was determined to stand out, and she reached out to KTC to help her do it. Working with the candidate to produce a script, KTC drove to Denton County and shot the candidate on their home turf, producing “Listen” in less than a week’s time. A good digital video ad sends a powerful message to voters, especially in races where most video is limited to Facebook Live recordings. Let KTC help you stand out from the crowd!