KTC’s Client List Includes:


6 US Congressional Races

3 State Legislature Races

4 County/Municipal Races

3 Statewide Races

1 Gubernatorial Race

1 State Party

And Counting…

Since 2018

KTC is a full-service media production house. From inception through the creative process to production and distribution, we can offer our clients the ability to reach out and touch the world at a fraction of the cost. Why? Because we believe your political campaign, your business, your product, deserves a chance to be seen and heard without breaking your bank.

We specialize in producing imaginative, cinematic digital videos for our clients, who during this last election cycle ranged from county-level candidates all the way to the gubernatorial candidate. Among our clients numbered the Texas Democratic Party, a relationship that allowed us to produce content for candidates for state-wide offices. We will work with the budget and needs of your campaign, whether it be a run for municipal office, an election for US Congress, or the rollout of a new product line.

KTC can:

  • Work with you to creatively conceive of an idea for your media- from a single meme to a video you hope goes viral to an entire campaign.

  • Shoot the video or photography needed to make your media shine.

  • Produce the final result you desire:

    • Video ads for use on social media or television

    • Images for social media use (such as memes, announcements, etc)

    • Images for branding purposes (logo design, banner and header design, etc)

    • Website design (utilizing Squarespace, we will work to design a site that fits your needs)

    • Creative Copy and Prose (for social media posts, website pages, scripts, etc.)

KTC has a working relationship with voice artist Joe Murray @ http://www.proscenium.biz, offering clients the perfect combination of imaginative design, slick video production, and amazing voice-over.

What makes KTC different?

We work with clients to get it right, and we see that process as a quick one: if you want to tweak a design, that happens within hours, not weeks. We see media as effective in both quality AND quantity, and we specialize in giving our clients the material they need to get their brand out in a big way, day after day.

Kitchen Table Consulting is poised to make quality media for your campaign, your business, or your product. Give us a holler, and let’s make some waves.

6 US Congressional 3 State Legislature 4 County/Municipal 3 Statewide 1 Gubernatorial 1 State Party And Counting…

Since 2018